The few examples of the resent criticisms in most well-known national newspaper´s of Finland

”Come to window mother”, your daughter is shouting here” ”Merja Laine´s painting ”Echo” makes us thinking why the girl is calling echo with her eyes tied” Aamulehti / Maila Katariina Tuominen

”Merja Laine is virtuoso with her mixtecknik, whitch combines watercolor, acrylic and the pastels.” ”The result is like a farytale”
Helsingin Sanomat / Maarit Jaakkola

”Laine´s  works expression approaching has been searching all the way from art of Jugend-period.” ”In the painting you can also find Lapland and finish person poetical and Shaman-like embodimend in nature”. ”I´d like to say that Merja Laine is modern female identical to inborn symbolistics, which tells stories through landscapepaintings.” ”They have something fascinating similary in their way to describe people, plants and landscape”

Turun Sanomat / IIna Antinluoma


”Artist Merja Laine from Kemi is trying something new. She brings pure Akvarel-paintings in her exhibition”. ”She has mowed from large complex to details”. ”Still starting from realism and colours like before.” ”Akvarel-painting has to make guickly , life is moving forward”. ”The point of exhibition is motion”. Pohjolan Sanomat / Sari Pöyhönen


”Colour has become more important to artist Merja Laine´s paintings”. ”You can see many perkly colourcomparisons beside familiar bastardized colours”. ”But theres still something former left in exhibition, her woman and girl cases”. ”Those paintings mysterious world still carry on”

”Hiding figures at the forest and girl carried by the wind are described so skillfully”. ”There is still recognizable case in new paintings”. ”Colorful scarfs in the wind”. ”Praperia, draped fabric, is classical case, although seldom cut of this separate”. ”Compositions brins to mind some works from Henri Matisse, in which colours are more important case itself”. ”It ´s coming so close to Abstract”. Kaleva / Marjaana Niskala


Professor Pertti Pirttiniemi‘s  portrait unveiling, the University of Oulu in Finland in 2015.